Majority Party Allows SCR 5 a Hearing to End the State of Emergency and the Governor’s One-Man Rule

Senator Melissa Melendez (R - Lake Elsinore) released the following statement in response to Senate President Pro Tem Atkins statement regarding SCR 5:

 “I appreciate the majority party agreeing to hear SCR 5, even though its taken almost two years to get a hearing. Im encouraged the majority party has finally agreed to join my effort to at least debate the merits of ending the state of emergency and again making the legislature an equal branch of government.”

Senator Melendez introduced SCR 5 in December 2020 and preceded by SCR 93 in July 2020. Both bills invoked specific powers reserved for the legislature under the emergency services act, permitting it to end a state of emergency called by the chief executive of the state by passing a resolution approved by both houses. SCR 93 died with the last legislative session leading to the introduction of SCR 5.