Majority Party Sides with One-Person Rule Defeating SCR 5

California State Senator Melissa Melendez (R-Lake Elsinore) released the following statement following the defeat of SCR 5 and the continuation of one-person rule:

“I’m extremely disappointed my colleagues in the majority party lacked the courage to stand up to their Governor and bring this state of emergency to an end. California has been under a state of emergency for more than 700 days. During that time, local governments have been responding and mitigating the spread of COVID based upon their local knowledge and infection rates. It’s time for the state to allow local governments to take the lead and address emergencies locally without the shotgun approach of a statewide emergency. Twenty-nine other states have ended their states of emergency. Once again, California is leading from behind.”

SCR 5 is a resolution seeking to end the Governor’s declared State of Emergency. The legislature, under Govt. Code Section 8629 has the power to terminate a state of emergency with passage by both house a concurrent resolution terminating the emergency proclamation. SCR 5 on a vote of 4 to 8 with all majority party democrats voting against the measure.