Melendez Fentanyl Emergency Room Testing Bill Passes

California State Senator Melissa Melendez (R- Lake Elsinore) announced today, that her SB 864, also known as Tyler’s Law, was approved today by a unanimous vote in the Senate Health Committee.

“I am truly thankful for Senator Melendez and the members of the Senate Health Committee for approving this legislation in memory of my son Tyler,” said Juli Shamash, mother of Tyler Shamash. “I hope SB 864 is just the first step the legislature takes this year to truly address this deadly epidemic of fentanyl.”

Senate Bill (SB) 864, known as “Tyler’s Law,” requires a hospital to include a urine sample screening for fentanyl if the person is treated at the hospital to assist in diagnosing a patient’s conditions.

“When I lost my son Zach to fentanyl poisoning in a counterfeit pain pill, I did not know that this deadly drug was finding its way into the hands of our children,” said Laura Didier, mother of Zach Didier.  “The families who have lost loved ones to fentanyl, myself included, appreciate Senator Melendez and the Senate Health Committee for passing this important legislation.”  

“Hospitals need better tools for adequate testing to properly diagnose and treat fentanyl overdoses and drug addictions,” said Melendez.  “Today’s unanimous support of SB 864 ensures California stays ahead of the curve as we try and address the growing tsunami of new and dangerous drugs entering our communities and to ultimately save lives.”

Other bills authored by Senator Melendez dealing with Fentanyl this year include:
Senate Bill (SB) 992 requires the California Department of Public Health to establish regulations and standards for licensure of substance abuse disorder counselors; and Senate Bill (SB) 1350, known as “Alexandra’s Law” and a reintroduction of SB 350 of 2021, which provides an advisory to a person convicted of these crimes warning them that their actions could result in another person's death and lead to a homicide charge.