Senator Melendez Responds to Eliminating Mandated Reporting for Threats at School

Senator Melissa Melendez (R -Lake Elsinore), issued the following statement in a staunch rebuke of the passage of SB 1273 (Bradford), which seeks to eliminate reporting requirements to law enforcement regarding acts of assault (including incidents of attacks, assaults, or physical threats by pupils against school employees):

“I can’t believe that just two days after the heartbreaking events in Texas, the State Senate would pass a measure making our children less safe at school,” said Melendez. “Requiring teachers to report threats of violence in the classroom may be the only warning law enforcement has to prevent a future violent attack.”

Current law requires teachers and administrators to report incidents in which a school employee is attacked, assaulted or physically threatened by a student. SB 1273 (Bradford) threatens the safety of students, staff, schools, and neighborhoods by removing reporting requirements and existing protections for those that choose to report.

“Threats of violence deserve the attention of law enforcement,” said Melendez. “Parents should feel safe sending their kids to school. Eliminating the mandatory reporting requirement, by passing SB 1273, makes our schools more susceptible to a repeat of what happened in Texas – and that is unacceptable.”

You can read the full text of the bill and associated analyses of the measure here.

You can view Senator Melendez’s full remarks on YouTube: here.