Senator Melendez Responds to Governor Newsom’s May Revise Budget Proposal

California State Senator Melissa Melendez (R-Lake Elsinore) issued the following statement concerning the Governor’s May Revise:

“As California continues to recover from the brutal economic crisis caused by the pandemic, I find it fiscally irresponsible to blowout the spending proposed by the May Revise.  Governor Newsom is relying on unsustainable borrowing and misguided revenue projections to support his half a trillion dollars in spending.  Even the Legislative Analyst’s Office warned the Legislature to be cautious and not trust the Governor’s rosy outlooks and fuzzy math contributing to this one-time windfall.  Moreover, every Californian should see the benefits of a surplus – not just the people selected by the Governor to receive recall rebates.  Using this boost in revenues to benefit all Californians include, at a minimum, fixing the DMV by overhauling its outdated technology system or rebuilding the black abyss of the EDD. It’s been more than 400 days since the Governor took sole control over the affairs of our state with the majority party allowing him to spend state dollars unchecked.  As warnings of inflation are on the horizon, Californians need truthful fiscal responsibility not more recklessness.”