Senator Melendez Responds to Governor Newsom’s Public Safety Plan

SACRAMENTO – California State Senator Melissa Melendez (R-Lake Elsinore) issued the following statement concerning the Governor’s Public Safety Plan:

“It’s laughable to think the Governor, and majority party democrats, can announce a public safety plan seeking to stop the real epidemic crime wave without acknowledging their bad policies led to these disasters.  Prop 47 and AB 109 have allowed criminals to freely roam our streets and rob our businesses, without ever receiving the punishments for their actions.  I would like to thank Governor Newsom for committing to increase funding for our District Attorneys, police and law enforcement officers, and for coming to the realization that our criminal justice system as a whole is what keeps our communities, families and businesses safe.  Im also pleased my colleagues have finally discovered that there is a fentanyl and drug crisis in our state. With this renewed interest in public safety by the Governor and legislative democrats, I look forward to their support for my SB 350, which seeks to slow down the fentanyl poisoning epidemic, when it comes up for a vote in January.  Additionally, I welcome their advocacy for the public safety measures I plan to introduce next year to restore many of the criminal penalties removed or lessened by the majority party over the past decade."