Senator Melendez Responds to new Whistleblower Allegations at California Funded COVID Lab

SACRAMENTO –Today, California State Senator Melissa Melendez (R- Lake Elsinore) responded to whistleblower allegations at California’s funded COVID lab:

“As the Vice-Chair of the Senate Health Committee I find the allegations regarding the failures at the State’s new, billion dollar, COVID lab concerning and downright shameful.  Millions of Californians rely on the accuracy of these tests. The mistreatment of COVID test samples jeopardizes the health and safety of over 40 million Californians. Considering the lack of transparency surrounding the ‘science’ that is the basis for the stay at home orders and for shutting down businesses, I hope the administration and the California Department of Public Health come forward with real answers to what is happening at our testing facilities. I will be calling for a full investigation into this matter and hope my majority party colleagues in the State Senate will join me in this search for the truth behind these allegations.”