Senator Melendez Responds to Newsom's Abuse of Power with SCR 93

Today, California State Senator Melissa Melendez (R- Lake Elsinore) responded to Governor Gavin Newsom’s abuse of power during this State of Emergency with Senate Concurrent Resolution (SCR) 93 and stonewalling by Senate Democrats.

“Governor Newsom’s lone rule over the people of this state needs to end,” said Melissa Melendez.  “Our constitution empowers the legislature to check the executive authority of the Governor and to guard against the installation of an elected king.  The Governor’s unilateral changing of California law without the legislature’s input is a clear violation of our republican form of government and the essence of federalism.”

SCR 93 would end the Governor’s declared State of Emergency, and restore the checks and balances between the Legislature and the Executive branches of government, as intended by our constitution. This resolution also allows local governments to have the ability to call a local emergency as prescribed in the California Emergency Services Act to address local efforts to mitigate the COVID response.

“To date, over 200 hundred laws have been changed through executive order without legislative input and all I want is a vote to restore the role of the legislature,” said Melendez. “The Legislative Analyst cautioned against the unchecked power of the Governor and suggested the Legislature ‘jealously guard its constitutional role and authority.’  Today I asked the members of the State Senate to grant SCR 93 a vote and was denied. As legislators, we have the power to restore the legitimacy of the three branches of government – today democracy was denied.”