Senator Melendez Responds to School Reopening Deal

California State Senator Melissa Melendez (R- Lake Elsinore) issued the following statement following the passage of the proposed reopening deal in the Senate Budget Committee today: 

“I’m glad to see the Governor has finally publicly acknowledged the unspeakable harm he has caused students in keeping schools closed for a year by placing $4.6B in the budget to address their mental health needs. This bill is being touted as the result of negotiations between the legislature and the Governor, but the reality is the bill is the result of hostage negotiations between the teachers union and the Governor.”

Assembly Bill (AB) 86 provides $6.8 billion in funds to schools as incentive to provide in-person instruction rather than solely distance learning. In order to have access to the additional funding, schools must provide in-person instruction at least once a week. AB 86 does not require any school to reopen.