Senator Melendez Witnesses the Latest Example of EDD Meltdown

Today, California State Senator Melissa Melendez (R- Lake Elsinore) received the latest example of the Employment Development Department (EDD) meltdown when a constituent dropped off 59 envelopes this morning from EDD; all addressed to his home.

These envelopes were addressed to 23 different people, and two of them contained debit cards.  They came from all over the state, from Sacramento, San Jose, and all the way down to Chula Vista. Senator Melissa Melendez tried to amend Assembly Bill 107 (AB 107) to include a formal audit of EDD, but it was rejected by the majority party.

“Can we get serious about the absolute disaster that is the EDD?,” said Melissa Melendez.  “Millions of Californians are waiting for their state assistance and have not received anything or even spoken to real people. These kinds of actions are unacceptable, and the Governor needs to take responsibility to fix EDD that goes beyond a strike team.”

“The Taxpayers of this state expect more from their government,” said Melissa Melendez.  “It is time for the Governor and the majority party of this state to address this EDD crisis and fix the EDD.”